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We listen. We care. We’re always there.

With the professionalism of a big company and the adaptability and personal care of a small company, Educational Catering, Inc. (ECI) is grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients. Listening and attending to our customers has been the reason for our tremendous success, since our humble beginnings in 1993. By listening to your needs and preparing customized meal programs, ECI is able to provide delectable food options to satisfy the needs of even the hungriest and pickiest of kids and adults alike.

Some of the qualities that make us stand out from other catering companies include:

VARIETY. Our customers enjoy variety without neglecting their favorites. Throughout the last two decades of growth, our food choices have increased and adjusted to accommodate the needs of a diverse demographic of consumers. With the importance of balance and nutrition taking a front seat in menu development, ECI has created an offering that is a blend of variety, balance, and the yummiest of meals. From the satisfaction of young school children in our K – 12 programs to the most discriminating of corporate clients, people who get a chance to try our delightful dishes have one thing to say. “Mmmmm!”

QUALITY. Just like Grandma’s special meals, ECI prepares absolutely fresh foods made from scratch. We have developed our menu offerings with an amazing variety of freshly made, wholesome choices. Student Favorites include:

  • Pizza made from scratch
  • Char-broiled hamburgers
  • Chicken sandwiches from whole filets
  • Freshly made salads

Popular choices with adults are also readily available every single day. Aside from the student favorites, ECI offers daily specials that are popular with the teachers. We purchase all of our perishable items only from recognized, industry-leading suppliers to further ensure the maximum level of product freshness, quality, consistency and safety.

VALUE. Great food at a good price! Our customers don’t expect that our prices will be the cheapest, but they do expect to get their money’s worth! ECI works on different fronts to keep the cost of the meals down. Each and every year, we obtain line item bids from our suppliers which commit them to offer their products at a firm bid price for the entire school year. This control allows ECI to guarantee that there will not be any price increases from August through June of each and every school year. If there is a price increase during the summer months, the increase will be limited to cover any increased costs of ECI.

CONVENIENT PAYMENTS. All patrons, including parents, students, and school staff, have the option of pre-paying for weeks or even months at a time. Although this convenience is appreciated by many, ECI also allows customers to make their decision at lunchtime as to whether they will purchase that day or at a later date.

MODERN METHODS. Because of today’s technology and nutritional advancements, ECI is ahead of the game. With the recent introduction of online payments, as well as future plans for other online capabilities, we can combine our nutritional training with programs like CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health). ECI’s family of schools is at the forefront of both the private and public school industry standards.

COURTESY AND RESPECT. This philosophy is undoubtedly the most important factor in how we conduct our business. The people we serve are not “just kids”, but individuals who are to be honored and respected. Their wants and needs are always taken into consideration.

While it’s not possible to please everyone all the time, we do work hard to ensure an overall experience that exceeds the expectations of our customers. Further, we share in the overall mission of the schools we serve in helping them to provide excellence in education, while instilling values and promoting moral character.

KITCHEN DESIGN. From kitchen and food court design to serving the student, ECI will be there at every facet of development. Our personnel and affiliates will work directly with the school and your architects to assure the facility will be a centerpiece of the campus. From there, ECI’s food service team will take over and handle all customer relation, and quality control aspects.

OUR DEDICATED STAFF. We take care of our employees and treat them with respect. In return, we are proud to have very loyal service providers who are true professionals in their appointed positions. From the catering staff to the chefs; administrators to management team, ECI hire only the best to give you peace of mind that we will come through in every way.

Trust ECI Management for a Comprehensive Approach to Catering.
We’re more than just your average catering company.