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Applying our very own educational eating process

Educational Catering, Inc. developed The Ed-Cat System, a point of sale software system for declining balance accounts. Ed-Cat allows students to prepay on their account and use their student ID as their debit card for the account. The system authenticates the student with the swipe of a bar code ID Card. This declining balance system is set up for debit sales or for cash sales. ECI can use the school’s ID card or provide Debit Cards to the students and staff that place money on a declining balance account. At any time, debit card holders can have a statement printed out that shows exactly when the money was put on their account and what items were purchased to debit the account.

The Session and Sales module of The EdCat® Systems Suite is a Point of Sale system for private school food services that has a wide range of features. This is beneficial to all of the customers and administrators of the system. The following list describes some of the features found within the Session & Sales sub-system:

  • Account status letters notifying patrons of Declining Account balances by email.
  • Supports multiple payment options for sales and placing money on debit accounts – Cash, Check, and Credit Card.
  • Supports the ability to maintain discounts for students, employees, teachers, etc.
  • Supports the use of various retail sales peripheral devices that can be tailored to the needs of each university or institution.
  • Provides valuable cost control tools for both labor expense and Cost of Goods.
  • Ability to import student lists through a variety of formats.
  • Bar Code and MSR readers available for student authentication at the point of sale.
  • Tracks the number of hours worked by employees and cashiers along with other personnel information used for employee management.

ECI considers its relationships with its clients a true partnership of efforts to provide a quality food service. Those efforts invariably generate operational costs for our clients. ECI can structure the financial arrangement with its partners in a variety of ways. Once the objectives of the school are clearly defined, the manner of our relationship will be defined based upon those needs.

Please contact us to discuss the manner which best fits your school.
We look forward to serving your kids with customized catering that is wholesome, nutritious and exceptionally tasty!