Come see why more people choose ECI Management for exceptional catering services. Stirring up a dose of goodness is what we love to do!


Going out of our way is the only way

Led by qualified Chefs, Administrators and Managers, ECI is comprised of a superstar team of catering experts. We bring 20 years of experience to the industry and hire only true professionals. Yet, our underlying goal is to please our clients; first and foremost. Going above and beyond to accomplish our customer’s desires has been instrumental in our ability to grow into one of Houston’s largest and best catering companies.

The awesome chefs we hire have unlimited creative liberties that we encourage them to express. Our management team and administrators bend over backwards to cater to the specific needs of our clients, all while maintaining high quality standards. Whether it means adjusting costs or bending the time clock to accommodate a special circumstance, ECI can rise to meet your request. To us, personalized means having a “live” person to interact with. Very often, our company president will meet with school presidents, corporate VPs, chancellors and party planners to provide real-time updates.