Whether casual or fancy, ask ECI to cater your next affair!

Dining Services for Today’s Busy Scholars

It’s a fact that the average college freshman gains about half a pound every week as they enter college. This can be attributed to more calories consumed by fast foods or poor snack choices, as well as a decrease in exercise and poorly managed diets. College students often realize that their metabolism can’t keep up with their lifestyles, yet many still struggle with a solution.

ECI Management strives to provide better options to college students by offering a different approach to menu design. Our specialty deli options give students a way to “grab and go” amid hectic lifestyles, while still being healthy and affordable as compared to the cafeteria or fast food alternatives. Take a look at the one-of-a kind cafes, sub shops, coffee lounges, salad eateries and other catering services we offer that are specifically designed for our college campuses.

By eating better and getting the proper nourishment, college kids can achieve greater focus on their curriculum while achieving better health and life balance.

Invite us to the party

ECI Management also caters to private functions, meetings and special events. From a special workshop to a glorious academic event, when you partner with ECI for a college function it will be nothing shy of exceptional. We take the time to prepare fresh, high quality recipes that your audience will appreciate. Knowing that college campuses often represent diverse backgrounds from students both domestically and internationally, we will keep that in mind by offering a versatile and adaptable selection.

Whether casual or fancy, ask ECI to cater your next affair! Contact us to bring catering to your college campus.