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May is National Blood Pressure Month

May is National Blood Pressure Month, a good time to explore the array of foods that support healthy blood pressure and are always ingredients in the delicious meals served by ECI Management Group.

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, causes more than 1.6 million deaths each year and research shows that a typical Western diet is the primary reason. A healthful diet that supports balanced blood pressure and can even help reduce high blood pressure incorporates fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean meat, low fat dairy products, fish, whole grains and oats and even dark chocolate.

Omega-3 - One of the major ingredients in a healthy blood pressure diet is salmon and other coldwater fish, as well as flaxseed oil and other foods that contain omega -3 fatty acids. These acids protect your blood vessels from plaque, reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure.

Low-Fat Dairy - Low-fat yogurt, cheese and other dairy products work well in diets supporting healthy blood pressure. That’s because they are good sources of calcium, vitamin D and protein.

Dark Chocolate - Dark chocolate has been found to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Eating just one small square of dark chocolate a day can lower your blood pressure, according to studies. Chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% or more gives the best results, helping to improve platelet and vascular function and to reduce stress from oxidation The flavonoids in chocolate can cause dilation of the blood vessels,

ECI Management Group’s healthy meals are beneficial, regardless of your dietary needs or requirements. We believe that mealtime should primarily be a time to celebrate and enjoy life, so we encourage this by providing an array of options at every meal.

Whether you are focusing on your blood pressure, and seeking a fish option, such as fresh salmon and cold-water fish, or low-fat dairy ingredients, an abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables and desserts made with dark chocolate, we have it all. We cook with olive and grape seed, always keeping your health and great taste in mind.

When you dine with ECI Management Group, you’re eating meals that are delicious and good for you, too!


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